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Recent coverage of the Danny Santulli tragedy, about a young man harmed in a fraternity hazing incident three years ago, has shined an intense light on harmful hazing practices known to take place in a small number of fraternities. (“Fraternity ‘pledge dad’ gets jail time for Mizzou hazing i…

Earlier this year, Netflix released a much-heralded documentary “We Are The World — The Greatest Night in Pop.” It was about the creation of that landmark song (“We Are The World”) by numerous pop stars in 1985. The money raised from the sale of that song and related merchandise went to a ch…

Like many of you, I have been closely watching coverage of student protests on campuses across the country, and I see many who are reaching conclusions that do not match reality. This is not an uncommon phenomenon. We often mistakenly draw broad conclusions based on the actions of a small group.

More than a few of my friends have reported that they only read the Sunday version of the paper, which means they miss lots of information and/or discussions about the finagling that goes on in Jefferson City, much less in the halls of Congress.

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